John B. Winn Elementary

Transitional Language Program

Transitional Language Program


Winn Elementary is a proud Transitional Language Campus!

¡En Winn, somos orgullosament una escuela bilingüe!


Vision/Program Goals:

Students will participate in a rigorous academic program that accelerates their learning. 
Students will develop a high linguistic proficiency in two languages. 
Students will develop a high academic proficiency in two languages. 
Students will develop positive cross-cultural attitudes. Mission
The Transitional Language Program at Winn Elementary will support all English Language Learner Students to reach
high academic levels of achievement through a bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural education. 


Winn Elementary Offers A Transitional Language Program:

Transitional Language is a program that includes instruction for our English Language Learners in both English and Spanish
to help them excel academically while becoming bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.


Transitional Language Program in AISD