John B. Winn Elementary

Parent Support Specialist

Mr. Carl Shelton

Parent Support Specialist

ROOM 211
(512) 841-2975

  • You are the single, major driving force in your child’s life. The education of our children depends on the “Power of Us” – a successful partnership between you and Winn Elementary School. Principals and teachers cannot do it alone. That is why your involvement is so important. There is no one like you!

  • As your Parent Support Specialist, I can assist in several ways. Together, we can:

  • Find resources you may need  -  from school supplies to services in our community, I can help find assistance when needed.

  • Learn new things about school and how to help your child succeed. Look for workshops for parents throughout the year.

  • Become leaders in our school. We need you for more than volunteering. Your input and participation in the Parent / Teacher Association (PTA)  and other school committees can ensure your voice and expertise as a parent is heard.