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Benefits of Montessori

Benefits of Montessori Education

Individualized Learning - All lessons in the Montessori environment are either given individually or to small groups. This allows the teacher to create a customized learning plan for each child, ensuring that they are proficient in all necessary academic skills.

Teacher as Guide - When you walk into a Montessori classroom it might take you a moment to find the teacher. They might be on the floor giving a lesson or tucked away at a table reading a book with a child. The role of the Montessori Guide is to connect children with learning experiences in the environment.

Independence - Walking into a Montessori classroom you will notice a definite buzz. Children move throughout the classroom independently, choosing their own work, choosing where to sit, and choosing how long to work with any given material. The teacher carefully watches and presents lessons, ensuring that children are meeting academic benchmarks.

Mixed-Age Classrooms - All classrooms in the Montessori environment have three-year age groupings: 3-6, 6-9, 9-12. These multi-aged classrooms allow younger children to learn from older children, older children to learn responsibility and leadership and encourage a sense of community and care for others.

A Prepared Learning Environment - Walking into a Montessori classroom should feel like stepping into a home. Montessori called the 3-6 year old environment the “Children’s House” because she viewed these spaces as extensions of the home. They are warm, inviting places for children to grow and learn. Each material, each piece of furniture is designed to be child-sized and easily accessible to students. Each classroom is equipped with scientifically designed learning materials, beautiful carpets and fabrics, beautiful glass and wood, plants and real art. These beautiful spaces encourage a sense of awe, respect, and care in children.

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